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Energy Savings

Focus on Energy helps Wisconsin residents lower their energy consumption and costs by making their homes more energy efficient. Since 2001, Focus on Energy has provided incentives to over 2.7 million homeowners, helping them save over $202 million in energy costs and environmental benefits by making simple changes in their home.

Residential programs include:

  •    Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program: provides home energy assessments that pinpoint exactly how to make your home more energy efficient, and connects you to financial rewards for improvement. Enhanced rewards are also available for income-qualified participants.
  •     New Homes Program: pairs prospective homeowners with builders and energy experts to construct new homes that are between 10 and 100 percent more efficient than homes built to Wisconsin’s Uniform Dwelling Code.
  •    Express Energy Efficiency Program: provides free, professional installation of energy-saving products that can help you save up to 10% on your utility bills.
  •    Residential Rewards Program: offers hundreds of dollars in Cash-Back Rewards for heating and cooling equipment, water heating equipment, and air sealing and attic insulation. Enhanced rewards are also available for income-qualified participants.
  •    Appliance Recycling Program: offers free pickup and recycling of old refrigerators and freezers, and a $50 reward for each working appliance you recycle.
  •    Lighting and Appliance Program: offers instant, in-store discounts on a variety of energy-efficient lighting and water-saving products at participating retailers throughout Wisconsin.
  •    Renewable Energy: Focus on Energy offers Cash-Back Rewards for renewable energy installations and will connect you with experts who can help you determine if your property is a good candidate for a renewable system.