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What is “Nu-Wool Engineered Cellulose” Insulation?

Nu-Wool Engineered Cellulose Insulation is an energy-saving insulation product made from recycled newspapers. Nu-Wool Engineered Cellulose Insulation, with its superior thermal and air infiltration properties, is installed in both attics and walls of residential and commercial buildings.
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From Nu-Wool's website:

“Established in 1949, Nu-Wool Co., Inc. manufactures environmentally friendly cellulose insulation materials. Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation is a superior product designed for use in walls, attics and floors of new and existing residential and commercial structures…” “Nu-Wool Co., Inc. is the longest running cellulose insulation manufacturer in the world. When it comes to choosing insulation, Nu-Wool Premium Cellulose Insulation is not only the green choice, but also the superior choice.”

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This environmentally friendly, "green" insulation provides up to a 40% savings on energy bills when compared to conventional insulation materials.

Nu-Wool Engineered Cellulose Insulation vs. fiberglass insulation

Using Nu-Wool Engineered Cellulose Insulation is more than a smart choice for its comfort and savings benefits, Nu-Wool is also environmentally friendly even in the manufacturing process. Fiberglass insulation is made by melting sand and recovered glass in gas-fired furnaces.

It takes at least 8,500 BTU's of energy to produce a pound of fiberglass insulation. Cellulose insulation is produced by processing post-consumer recovered paper through electrically driven mills.

Estimates for the embodied energy of a pound of cellulose vary from 150 to 750 BTU's. Converting this to BTU's-per-R, it takes at least 40 times more energy to make fiberglass insulation than to produce cellulose insulation.
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For more information, click here(http://www.nuwool.com/).