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What  is “Nu-Wool Engineered Cellulose” Insulation?

Nu-Wool Engineered Cellulose Insulation is an energy-saving  insulation product made from recycled newspapers. Nu-Wool  Engineered Cellulose Insulation, with its superior thermal  and air infiltration properties, is installed in both attics  and walls of residential and commercial buildings.

This  environmentally friendly, "green" insulation provides  up to 40% savings  on energy bills when compared to conventional insulation materials.

Nu-Wool Engineered Cellulose Insulation vs. fiberglass insulation

Using Nu-Wool Engineered Cellulose Insulation is more than a smart choice for its comfort and savings benefits,  Nu-Wool is environmentally friendly even in the manufacturing  process. Fiberglass insulation is made by melting sand  and recovered glass in gas-fired furnaces. It takes at  least 8,500 BTU’s of energy to produce a pound of  fiberglass insulation. Cellulose insulation is produced  by processing post-consumer recovered paper through electrically  driven mills. Estimates for the embodied energy of a pound  of cellulose vary from 150 to 750 BTU’s. Converting  this to BTU’s-per-R, it takes  at least 40 times MORE energy to make fiberglass insulation  than to produce cellulose insulation.

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